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Our transition to a creative, happy, fun, learning space is complete. We are excited to announce our first workshops and the restart of our Curious Camera event. 


I dreamt of having a Kate Breakey hand coloring workshop here at Photographic Works for years. Sometimes wishes do comes true.  Kate will be doing a five day workshop here in November. Kate is an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher. You will learn Kate’s well thought out process of hand coloring first hand. The class is limited to twelve so get registered early.


The second workshop is on making Cyanotypes with Brett Starr. This workshop is scheduled for January 2023. Brett is such a cyanotype guy that when I first met him his hair was tinted blue. This is a three day workshop and it will completely immerse you in the cyanotype world. It is the beginning of our series of workshops on alternative processes. If you haven’t done an alternative process before cyanotypes is a great way to start. 


Curious Camera is a competition that we started many years ago. We received submissions from all over the world. Everyone raved about how fun our Curious Camera events were. It has been on hiatus for the last few years. We are excited to bring it back. It is scheduled for April 2023. We will have a competition, a workshop or two and a gallery event where we show many of the submissions and of course the winning entries. We are announcing Curious Camera early so you have plenty of time to start some new work and submit. 


I am enthusiastic about this new spin to Photographic Works.  This new reality is about doing, being creative and meeting other people that have that excitement as well. It’s all about the experience and creating a great community.



Mary Finn

Founder / Photographer

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