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Encaustic Workshop
Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully

April 21 - 23, 2023


$125 material fee

The team of Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully will get you acquainted with the fun and fundamentals of encaustic. Learn image and board preparation, encaustic application and presentation.  Get inspired by the creative potential of encaustic using a wide variety of materials and techniques. The focus is on using photographic images. You will become familiar with the enhancement and coloring of encaustic imagery. Upon registering for the workshop, students will receive an email with instructions from Amanda and Kevin of a few small items to bring and image requirements.  All printing will be done by Amanda and Kevin prior to the workshop so you are ready to go. The printing is included in the material fee.  

   Workshop Schedule

   Friday        April 21    1pm to 5pm 

  • History of encaustic and view examples of contemporary encaustic art using photography

  • Familiarizing students with all materials and supplies

  • How to prepare digital images for printing

  • Preparation of boards


   Saturday  April 22   9am to 5pm

  • Continuation of preparation of boards

  • Application of encaustic

  • Various techniques to add texture to wax

  • Dipping images printed on kozo paper

  • Hand coloring on print with colored pencils and watercolor 


   Sunday  April 23    9am to 5pm

  • Continuation of hand coloring on print with colored pencils, watercolor and pan pastels

  • Hand coloring on wax with egg tempera and oils (tube paint, oil pastels, linseed oil, pan pastel)

  • Application of tissue paper image on waxed board

  • Instructions on how to print on tissue paper

  • Incising in the wax with various tools

  • Demonstration of application of cold wax

  • Finishing the sides of the boards and proper hanging techniques

Workshop size: 12 people

For your well-being

We require all guests be fully vaccinated before joining any event; face coverings are optional. We strongly recommend guests wear face coverings while on shared transportation.

Booking policies

We strongly encourage guests to purchase their own travel insurance, including medical

coverage, evacuation insurance, and trip cancellation or trip interruption coverage.


Once the workshop is called a “Go”, participants will receive a notification; at this time you

may book your travel accommodations


  • Withdrawal 60 days prior to the start date of your workshop - 100% refund minus a $30 service fee.

  • Withdrawal 30 prior to the start date of the workshop - 50% refund minus a $30 service fee.

Limited Liability Waiver

Read before you register for your workshop

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