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End of an Era

Time for Something New

After 40 amazing years in business, it is time for me to explore something new. Photographic Works is changing. I closed production at the end of 2021. We will reemerge this year as a creative venue.

I want to thank all our client friends who have been supportive of Photographic Works and ArtsEye for all these years.

I have lots of dreams and ideas for the future. Photographic Works will continue to be part of Tucson's incredible creative community.

Stayed tuned for what comes next.

Mary Finn

President and Founder

Process and Progress

This is not an ending but a beginning. Change is a good thing. Don't rush life.  There is so much out there to discover. I'm taking this opportunity to try some new things. I own my building so I am not going anywhere. I will be here. My hope for everyone is to have dreams and make them happen. Thanks for all the kind words. I will keep you posted.

Update March 2022 : I am working hard planning and implementing the new creative space. I hope to have some workshops to announce as soon as I can make it happen.

                        Mary Finn 


Our Pole Sign

As you may be aware Grant Road is in the process of being widened. My sign was taken down temporarily. Our re-install was delayed but it will be back up in early March with new paint and a new front. It will still be retro looking with the cool blue neon arrow.

Screenshot_20211104-143732_Instagram copy.jpg


Keep up to date on our happenings

Thanks for being part of our creative community!

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